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Midsize Congregations
Midsize Congregations
Membership Growth & Outreach

Midsize Congregations (those with 150 to 550 members) need specific resources on a wide range of issues. For those of you from congregations of size 150-350 members, here are some resources that you may find helpful.

At the UUA we encourage those in larger midsize congregations (350-550 adult members) to work with our Director for Large Congregations and to use resources geared for larger congregations, as the larger midsize congregation’s dynamics and functioning more closely resemble those of a large congregation

Please get in touch with conglife [at] uua [dot] org if you have any questions. You can do it; we can help.


  • Regional Staff
    Staff in your UUA region can also help you with answers to your questions.
  • Email Lists
    Available for discussion of a wide range of topics with your counterparts and others at Unitarian Universalist (UU) churches.


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