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Selection of a Pastoral Care Team

At the River Road Unitarian Church we have selected two Teams each in a different way. The first Town was selected by the coordinator with the approval of the minister. These individuals were invited to join the Team based on their history of being caring, compassionate individuals; some with a background in mental health, The first Team is composed of seven women and one man ranging in age from sixty-nine to seventy-five. All but one of these individuals is retired.

The second Team was formed by interviewing people who volunteered from the congregation. The coordinator and the two co-coordinators interviewed each interested person for an hour, We were looking for people who were willing to make a two year commitment, able to respect confidentiality, had some understanding of what they would be doing, had the potential to be good listeners, and would be able to work with others on a team. So far everyone has worked out well.

A lot of effort has been put into developing each group as a separate Team. The second Team is composed of five women and two men ranging in age from forty to eighty-five. After the second Team is, fully trained, individuals on the two Teams will, at times, work together. It Is hoped that there will be two representatives on the executive committee from the second Team as well. How the second Team will be integrated into working with the first Team is still being worked out.