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Congregations Count: Evaluating Your Membership Process

In order to use this set of resources you may choose to just begin using the tools or you may choose to get an overview of their effective use.

For an overview, we suggest that you download the visual (PDF, 31 pages) and audio (MP3) orientations, and listen to the audio description, while you click through the visual slides to get a sharp understanding of the advantages of using these tools.

After this audio-visual orientation, you can gather the data on your congregation that will enable you to use the tools.

Then, from the references in the tools refer to The Membership Journey (PDF, 53 pages) for action points to improve your congregation’s membership process.

You may also wish to use The Congregational Assessment to sharpen your picture of action points to improve your membership process.

Lastly, we welcome your feedback on the usefulness of these tools!