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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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If people don't know about us, how will they find us?


We have exciting news to share with Unitarian Universalists (UUs) everywhere. The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is advertising nationally for the first time in 50 years!

Our four main goals are:

  • To inspire members to take greater pride in their identity as Unitarian Universalists;
  • To encourage UUs to invite friends and family to visit congregations;
  • To raise name awareness of Unitarian Universalism;
  • To give Unitarian Universalism a voice in the national discourse about faith, spirituality, and values.

Time Magazine is the main vehicle for the media campaign. Time, with a weekly circulation of 3.25 million (and 21.4 million weekly readership), is the oldest and most widely-read news magazine in the country. Time subscribers are "influencers" or thought leaders. Their psychographic profile includes an interest in theories and in being life-long learners. It is the number one news magazine for key audience segments such as:

  • Adults ages 30-44, who listen to, watch, or have contributed to NPR/PBS;
  • Adults ages 30-44 who have participated in, or contributed to, environmental organizations or causes. (Source: MRI Data)
Please see below for some responses to frequently asked questions about the national marketing outreach campaign.
  1. What does the campaign look like?
  2. How is this campaign being funded?
  3. How can I contribute financially to this initiative?
  4. What can congregations do to prepare for this campaign?
  5. How has the campaign been communicated to congregations and members?
  6. What company created the marketing campaign? How were they selected?
  7. What evidence do we have that previous marketing campaigns were effective?
  8. How will the UUA measure results of this campaign?
  9. Why is the UUA doing this?
Now is the time for Unitarian Universalism to be better known in our world. We hope you join in the excitement of this promising project.

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