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The TIME Magazine Campaign
The TIME Magazine Campaign
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The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is currently running a series of thought-provoking ads in Time Magazine, the premier news magazine in the United States. This campaign, which started in October 2007, continues through May 2008. 

The fall 2007 campaign used a combination of full page ads and "advertorials." The "advertorial" is a unique concept of a two-page spread with a 1/3 page ad on the far left and a 2/3 page advertorial on the right.  The 2/3 page advertorial included a reference to Time's archived articles on religion, and directed readers to Religion Pages.

On the Time Religion Pages site, Unitarian Universalist (UU) advertising and Time Magazine content is featured. The site provides links to where articles appear that share our unique Unitarian Universalist perspective on many topics covered in the Time Religion Pages. This combination of print and internet advertising is designed to capture and hold audience interest.

In spring 2008 the ads have a new "call to action." The ads direct readers to a FREE offer of the popular DVD "Voices of a Liberal Faith." The spring campaign is enhanced with a Google Adwords campaign. When internet users search certain words such as "Liberal religion," "Unitarian Universalism," or "GBLT [Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, or Transgender] friendly church" they will be directed to Additional Google Adwords promotion is focused on topical events of the day which relate to Unitarian Universalist views.

Below is a summary of the Time advertising schedule, with cover dates noted (ads are in PDF format):

  • full page ad appears in the October 15, 2007, and December 3, 2007,  issues. 
  • The November 5, 2007, issue showed the two-page “advertorial.”
  • The December 31, 2007, "Person of the Year" issue provided another “advertorial.”
  • The April 14, 2008, issue contained a full page ad.
  • The May 12, 2008, "Time 100—People Who Shape Our World" issue contains a full page ad.

All four of the one-page ads are available in generic versions for UU congregations to use.

This national marketing campaign promotes Unitarian Universalism's credibility and significance, and positions our faith as the liberal religious authority on major issues of our time.

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