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Internet Media Advertising for Your Congregation
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Internet advertising has many advantages. It is a perfect response mechanism for people searching on the internet for a specific product or service (for example, when a person is searching for liberal religion, your ad may appear). But it is different than mass media. With mass media, your ad is out there for everyone to see. With internet advertising, an individual is searching for something specific.

With internet advertising, as an advertiser you "pay as you go"—called "pay per click"—meaning that you only pay for an ad when someone clicks to view it. Pay per click allows you to both manage your budget and measure results. Google Adwords, part of, is the most commonly used program and is a good place to begin. On Google's home page you will find an "Advertising Programs" link, with lots of helpful information to plan your campaign.

Another means of internet advertising is to use web banners. These web banners can be placed on congregational and on other web sites to steer people to the congregation's web pages, especially web pages designed for newcomers to your church. A web banner (PDF) was used in the Tampa Bay Area regional marketing campaign.

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