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Media Resources and Buying
Media Resources and Buying
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Advertising Resources and Characteristics

The information offered here presents guidelines on the strengths and weaknesses of various media. Professional strategists evaluate a medium for its ability to reach a specific, or target, audience as defined by its reach and frequency.

Reach is measured by the medium's ability to deliver the advertiser's message to the greatest number of people in the target audience. Frequency defines how many times the message will be seen, heard, or both, by that same audience.

Professionals will further evaluate each medium on a cost per thousand (CPM) listeners or readers, or viewers. It's a way to compare the various media being considered for purchase on an apples-to-apples basis. Other contributing factors include cost of producing the advertising message, ease of changing messages and, of course, the suitability of the message to the medium.

Look for professional media buying assistance in your congregation or among friends and acquaintances. Ask a local advertising agency for help. Making good buys is a tricky business.

For congregations seeking a less expensive marketing campaign, there are many new media outlets, such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, that are either free or extremely inexpensive and can serve as good resources for outreach. These media also work well in conjunction with a broader marketing effort.

Using Multiple Media to Deliver a Consistent Message Over Time

If your budget allows, a good advertising plan should use multiple media. Always return to the question of who your targeted audience is. And make sure that your message is consistent across media. Consider timing, some good times for church advertising include a few weeks prior to the start of the church year, and January, when people are making inspirational resolutions.

Advertising Information for Various Types of Media

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