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Large Congregations Resources
Large Congregations Resources
Large Congregations, Membership Growth & Outreach

Here is a selection of links to web sites that are especially valuable for the leaders of large congregations. The Unitarian Universalist Association does not endorse the sites behind these links; we offer them as an aid to congregational leaders.

Access the Large Congregations Library comprising papers by various authors on valuable topics for the leaders of large congregations. You may also access a recommended reading list of books that are especially valuable for the leaders of large congregations.

General Resources

  • Congregational Resource Guide
    An effort of the Alban Institute in partnership with the Indianapolis Center for Congregations, the Congregational Resource Guide (CRG) exists to help congregational leaders connect with resources that will enable them to face challenges and foster vitality in their communities of faith.
  • Indianapolis Center for Congregations
    The Indianapolis Center for Congregations is dedicated to helping Indianapolis-area congregations find solutions to their pressing practical problems. We connect congregations with excellent resources—both local and national. The Center also shares what we learn from our experience in Indianapolis with congregations across the country.
  • Net Results
    Net Results offers practical insights and methods through a monthly journal (Net Results), workshops and consultations for congregations, national conferences, and online seminars.

Covenant Groups and Small Group Ministry

  • Covenant Group News
    Covenant Group News is an email newsletter for Unitarian Universalists interested in small group ministry, edited by Bob Hill, the UUA District Executive for Southwest District. This web site includes subscription information and a complete archive of past issues.

Leadership and Governance

  • The Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership
    The Greenleaf Center's mission is to fundamentally improve the caring and quality of all institutions through a new approach to leadership, structure, and decision-making. Servant-leadership emphasizes increased service to others; a holistic approach to work; promoting a sense of community; and the sharing of power in decision making.
  • The Leadership Network
    "The Leadership Network mission is to accelerate the emergence of effective churches by identifying, connecting and providing resources for innovative leaders. One way we achieve our mission is by creating unique connection experiences for leaders of large churches (congregations with 1,000 or more in average weekend worship attendance) who are pioneers and early adopters."

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