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Welcome to the Large Congregations Library comprising papers by various authors on key topics for the leaders of large congregations.

The following documents are PDF files.

Congregational Size Transitions

Size Really Does Make a Difference by Stefan Jonasson
Next to its particular history and culture, size is the most revealing frame of reference for understanding a church.


The Size and Shape of Governance by Stefan Jonasson
Nowhere is the one-size-fits-all approach to church life more likely to cause difficulty than when it is applied to congregational governance.


Leadership Development in Large Congregations by Stefan Jonasson
Redefining the role and practices of the nominating committee can reinvigorate the leadership of large congregations.

The Participation Pyramid by Stefan Jonasson
The active participation and stewardship of individuals in congregational life follows certain predictable patterns.


Ministry Changes as Churches Grow by Stefan Jonasson
There are different styles of ministry, some of which are better suited than others to congregations of each size. In large congregations, the nature of ministry changes dramatically, beginning with the degree of specialization that is required.

Religious Education

The Case Against Church School Fees by Stefan Jonasson
Church school fees subvert efforts to cultivate responsible stewardship.

Small Group Ministry

Covenant Group Ministry in Large Congregations, or How to Connect with Nine People You Would Otherwise Never Meet by Elizabeth Barrett
The work of beginning and running a small group ministry program may be more difficult in a large church than a smaller one for several reasons.

Staffing Matters

Staffing the Large Congregation by Stefan Jonasson
Developing an effective church staff requires adequate numbers, balance, clear lines of authority, and motivating leadership.

Senior Minister as Chief of Staff by Stefan Jonasson
Large congregations have large staffs and can have complex staffing configurations and therefore require clarity in assigning the chief staff leadership role.

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