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Entrepreneur-In-Residence Program

Members of The Sanctuaries DC cut out stencils to create posters for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Members of The Sanctuaries DC cut out stencils to create posters for the Black Lives Matter movement.

After the 2016-17 pilot year, the Entrepreneur in Residence program is currently on hiatus until 2018 to give time for evaluation and planning of its role as part of the UUA’s wider strategy for supporting emerging, innovative and creative ministries. More information will be posted on this page when further program details are available. For more information, contact


Unitarian Universalists have always taken a creative approach to religion. Today that creativity is more important than ever, as our congregations and institutions adapt to the changes happening with religion in America. To support some of the most promising, innovative faith leaders, the Unitarian Universalist Association has created the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program.

Modeled after “artist-in-residence” and “scholar-in-residence” programs, entrepreneurs are chosen for a yearlong residency with the UUA. They receive $20,000 to support their ongoing ministry and to share their inspiring stories with Unitarian Universalists across the country through workshops, writing and conversations. The program is targeted at a key time when entrepreneurs who have started new forms of faith community are ready to expand their reach and impact, and need some extra support.

Download the Entrepreneur-in-Residence Information Sheet for a detailed description of the program. 

The Entrepreneur-in-Residence blog will share what our entrepreneurs are learning about adapting to and thriving in the changing religious landscape. As the first year of the program, 2016-17 will be a pilot year for the Entrepreneur-in-Residence, email your feedback to

How To Apply

The application for the 2017-18 Entrepreneur-in-Residence will be available soon. Applications will be accepted starting April 1, 2017.

Rev. Erik Martinez Resly

2016-17 Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Rev. Erik Martinez Resly and The Sanctuaries, Washington, DC have been selected as the 2016-17 Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. The Sanctuaries is an interfaith artists community that "empowers people to live creative and soulful lives." Founded as a neighborhood ministry in 2013 by Rev. Erik, a UU minister, The Sanctuaries offers shared meals, artist collaborations and public performances. The community has been featured in the New York Times, the Huffington Post, CBS News and Sojourners.