International Unitarian Universalism: Torda 450: Celebrating the Anniversary of Religious Tolerance

Prayers and Meditations

Prayers and Meditations

  • From Singing the Living Tradition (SLT)
    • They Are With Us Still by Rev. Kathleen McTigue (SLT #721)
    • Love One Another I John 4 (SLT #639)
  • Welcome and Listen by Rev. Natalie Maxwell Fenimore (included in UUA Meditation Manual: To Wake, To Rise, Rev. William Sinkford, ed.)
  • Gracious God by Rev. Eric Cherry

Gracious God, We approach you as a diverse community in prayer –

Perplexed and secure,

Inspired and tired,

Connected and alone,

Broken and healed,

Comforted and afflicted,

Fearful and Full of hope

Be with us. Light the way. Guide our feet. Hold us together.

And help us to be the faith leaders we are called to be in our various occupations and ministries. Help us to be patient, especially with ourselves. And, lead us back into confidence even when doubt tugs at our sleeves.

Especially today, help us to consider the exemplars who came before – so often they had feet of clay, just as we do. But, their dreams and ours are so near to each other. Let that be a blessing, just what is needed for our imperfect work in our imperfect world. A blessing, a kiss, a sign of love and confidence. Let that carry us to tomorrow, with you.

  • We come to prayer by Rev. Eric Cherry

We come to prayer from unique places and situations. We come with doubts and disbelief as often as we come with certainty or expectation. We come with joy and hope in fullness and gratitude as often as we come with despair, sorrow and helplessness. In whatever spirit you arrive at this moment of sharing together and with the greater mystery that surrounds us all, let us be together, feeling our neighbor’s love and compassion, extending the same to others, and receiving God’s gift of acceptance of one and all.

Holy one - you who are the “One Heart” that surrounds Creation.

Hear our prayers for peace

Hear our prayers for recovery

Hear our prayers of gratitude

Hear our prayers of need

And, return to us the strength and conviction to carry our prayers beyond this sanctuary.

In you there is no limit, no one is turned away.

And, with you, we are transformed in astonishing ways.

Help us to see our power – especially when we feel powerless.

And, guide us through uncertainty and fear into serenity and trust.