International Unitarian Universalism

UU Partner Churches

Beginning in 1993, the UU Partner Church Council (UUPCC) helped establish nearly 200 partnerships between North American congregations and congregations & organizations in Romania, Hungary, India, Philippines, England & Wales, Burundi, Czech Republic, Kenya, and Uganda.

Global partners experienced deep connection, spiritual transformation, and a generous sharing of resources.

In 2020, the UUPCC and the International Council of Unitarians/Universalists & Free Christian Churches (ICUU) began a process of reflection and discovery.

In the fall of 2021, both the UUPCC and ICUU voted to legally dissolve their organizations and enter into a time of intentional transition and redefinition led by the Leadership and Design Team. In 2024 that team launched the U/U Global Network, which aims to bring global U/Us together in new ways. The UUA Global Connections and Emerging Communities Office is one part of the Leadership and Design team and acts as a fiscal sponsor for the U/U Global Network, but does not lead the program.

See the Leadership and Design Team’s UUPCC Transition FAQ for more information about partner churches.

Fund Transfers

Since the UU Partner Church Council ceased operations, the UUA has been facilitating fund transfers between partner churches. If you plan to send funds to your partner church, please complete our online form and follow its instructions.

We will process your requests as promptly as possible, and we thank you in advance for your patience.