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Youth Delegation Arrives Safely in Haiti's Central Plateau

By Eric Cherry

UUSC is excited to be partnering with the Unitarian Universalist Association on a joint volunteer trip to Haiti for youth and young adults, August 20–27. In the post below, trip leader Evan Seitz, UUSC's associate for experiential learning and youth services, gives a quick update after the group arrived in the Central Plateau on Sunday. Just letting you know that the group arrived safely in Papaye this afternoon at the training center of our partner the Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP)! This first thing we did was have a delicious lunch of pizza, beet and carrot salad, and cold passion-fruit juice. In the late afternoon, we had a chance to meet MPP's inspirational founder, Chavannes Jean-Baptiste. We are aware that tropical storm Irene may pass over Haiti late tomorrow or Tuesday. If it does pass near here, we plan to sit out the rain and wind in our dormitory — a very well-constructed building (in fact, the second story was completed just several months ago with help from a UUSC grant). We have plenty of water and food as well. While the storm may disrupt our work plans at the eco-village, the group will be safe. We will be posting updates about our experience here on the UUSC JustWorks blog and over at the UUA's Faith Without Borders blog — check back daily for the latest entries. Thanks to everyone for your support of these young adults as we embark on a week of service and learning! View photos from the service trip!

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