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UU-UNO LGBTQI Asylum Seekers and Refugees Event: Where Do We Go Now?

By UUA International Resources


UU-UNO & other participants at a 2014 LGBT Asylum event.
On October 20th, between 12-2pm, Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office, LGBT-FAN, and Housing Works, Inc. are hosting an LGBTQI Asylum Seeker & Refugee Event at the United Nations Church Center. The world's nations are currently evolving in social polarity; where global cultures and governments are becoming either socially liberal or socially conservative. Approximately 80 nations criminalize same-­sex relations and seven apply the death penalty for homosexual acts. LGBTQI persons in socially conservative areas must flee and seek asylum in order to evade imprisionment or death just for who they are and whom they love. These human rights violations propel thousands to flee their countries. Asylum, refuge, and resettlement procedures for LGBT individuals can endanger their well­being, even after they flee. Learn more about UNHCR's response to the issues LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees face around the world. LGBT asylum seekers face a specific set of barriers at each stage of the process because of the nature of asylum such as barriers to housing, transportation, and legal services amongst others. This event's objective is to raise awareness about the atrocities LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees confront by discussing the stories behind LGBTQI asylum and the discrimination of LGBTQI persons in refugee camps. The UU-­UNO has joined forces with Housing Works, Inc., LGBT asylees, and the LGBT Freedom and Asylum Network (LGBT­-FAN) to increase awareness and spur engagement around LGBT Asylum across NGO and religious spaces in NYC. LGBT-FAN is a community of asylum seekers, asylees, LGBTQI activists, experts, faith-based leaders, refugee resettlement workers, and etc. They are dedicated to help LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees who need assistance fleeing their countries and navigating the United States’ immigration system. As a result of the unique nature of our individual organizations, the partnership is able to utilize our combined expertise of first hand experience, human rights advocacy, direct service provision, and policy to present a comprehensive event on LGBT Asylum. Check out the LGBT-FAN website to find out more information about what they do. Learn more here about what the UU-UNO is doing to support LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees.

Join us:

12-2 PM, 20 October 2015

UN Church Center, 2nd floor

777 UN Plaza, NYC

Please email your RSVP, questions, or concerns to with ATTN: LGBT Asylum Event (Oct 20). The event will be open to the public, so please spread the word to your family, friends, colleagues, and LGBTQI asylum seekers & refugees you know! To support our continued access to the highest levels of the United Nations and to the Canadian and American governments, please donate generously to the UU-UNO.

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