International Unitarian Universalism

Recovering from COVID's Second Wave in India

Women in India distributing face coverings in wooded outdoor area

Community leaders from our partner DISHA distributing masks in rural Gujarat

India is now emerging from Covid’s devastating second wave.

After months of frantic searches for oxygen and overflowing hospitals, infections are declining.

But the trauma of so much loss still cuts deep. Every family was touched in some way by the crisis.

As we learn more of what happened on the ground, one thing is clear: Without the massive relief operations carried out by grassroots organizations across India, countless more would have lost their lives.

UU support for our community partners in India was pivotal to their relief efforts.

Medical care, food supplies, and job relief for thousands were all possible through your generous support.

We’re deeply grateful to our faith community for so much solidarity at the height of the crisis.

Equipped with new resources, the Holdeen India Program immediately responded to our partners’ needs, far faster than many global relief groups could. Our agile administrative structure and long-term relationships with grantees allowed us to get funds to the right people in as little as 48 hours. That swift turnaround made a critical difference.

In Delhi, our partner SEWA was able to ensure that 10,000 women and their families could access life-saving medical care and food relief.

Another partner, Jan Sahas, secured relief for more than one million migrant workers. They delivered essential food supplies and connected unemployed workers with jobs programs, getting thousands back to work.

Now, we need your support to continue this transformational work.

For many social justice organizations, charitable contributions come in a flood during crises—and then a trickle as media coverage fades. Yet our work in a crisis is only possible because we sustain long-term partnerships on the ground.

We made our first grant to SEWA in 1984, when the women’s labor organization had 10,000 members in one state. Today they have over 1.5 million members across India, securing numerous important victories for women’s rights.

Time and again, we have witnessed the power of long-term grant-making, but it requires sustained commitment from our community.

If your congregation routinely holds special collections, please consider the Holdeen India Program as a regular recipient. For individuals, a gift that automatically renews each month would make a critical difference to empowering our partners’ work. When you donate online, choose “Make it monthly” to become a regular supporter.

Again, thank you so much for your faithful commitment to a just recovery in India.