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Post-Imperial Futures Conference

Imperial-era maps and documents overlaid by the text: "Post-Imperial Futures: Addressing Legacy and Living Into Promise | October 6-8, 2022 | Onlne & multiplatform in Chicago |"

By UUA International Resources

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Scholars. Activists. Ministers. Leaders: The legacy of Empire and its desire to dominate and mark out Otherness has us participate in harmful colonial enterprises. Participants will be equipped with resources and practices to live into the promise of radical, post-colonial, and faithful futurities.

This conference, hosted by the UUA International Office and Meadville Lombard Theological School, will feature a keynote address from Lisa Asedillo, a Christian social ethicist working at the intersections of Asian American Christian ethics, Philippine studies, and decolonial/postcolonial feminist theology.

Participants will join two of the following Unlearning Labs:

  • How to Decolonize Preaching, Rev. Dr. Lis Valle-Ruiz
  • What solidarities matter? What the Invasion of Ukraine Tells Us about Imperialism, Anti-blackness, and Occupation, Rachel Freed, Ervin Malakaj, Fatima El-Tayeb; moderated by Dr. Beverly Weber
  • How to Liberate a Text: Colonial Legacies and Decolonial Practice of Reading the Bible, Dr. Jin Young Choi
  • Even the Dead Won't Be Safe: Imperial Archives, Post-Imperial Research, John Leeker
  • Decolonizing Listening Practices in Pastoral Care, Dr. Mindy McGarrah Sharp
  • People & Patterns: Case Studies in U/U Imperialism, Rev. Fred Muir

See the full schedule, list of presenters, and Unlearning Labs descriptions.

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