International Unitarian Universalism

Brutal Attacks on Gaza Protesters

Photos of Ahmed Alrantisi, Laila Anwar Al-Ghandoor, Ahmed Altetr, Alaa Alkhatib Ezz el-din Alsamaak, Motassem Abu Louley, all killed by Israeli Defense Forces

From left: Ahmed Alrantisi, Laila Anwar Al-Ghandoor, Ahmed Altetr, Alaa Alkhatib Ezz el-din Alsamaak, Motassem Abu Louley. Image from Middle East Eye: "Names and faces of those killed by Israeli forces this week"

The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO), together with the United Nations community, condemns the lethal use of violence by the Israeli Defense Forces against Palestinian protesters who were protesting the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and the U.S. declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The United Nations position is that the status of Jerusalem will only be resolved through negotiations by the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The UU-UNO upholds the right to peaceful protest without armed authorities using lethal force. Violence has terrible consequences. More than 58 protesters have been killed and more than 1,800 wounded. The wounded include an 8-month old baby, children, Palestinians with disabilities, and journalists. Hospitals in Gaza have been unable to cope with the casualties.

Turkey has recalled its ambassadors to Israel and the U.S., and South Africa has recalled its ambassador to Israel. There have been demonstrations across the world, including Arab and Muslim nations which see this most recent violence against Palestinian protesters as yet another demonstration of Islamophobia. The Trump administration’s actions to ban Muslim travel to the U.S., refusal to admit Muslim refugees, declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and moving the U.S. Embassy there are all seen by many Muslims and others as a pattern of behavior by the Trump Administration that is anti-Muslim and anti-People of Color.

Today is the first day of Ramadan, a month of fasting in which faithful Muslims pray and remember the poor who hunger. This should be a time for prayer and family gatherings. Our Palestinian siblings must now bury their dead and care for their wounded without adequate medical resources during this sacred holy month.

The UU-UNO supports Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism’s (BLUU) statement, quoted here in part: “Our hearts go out to the Palestinian people who are fighting for their freedom and are being killed. No one should be killed for protesting and fighting for the right to have their full humanity recognized. State violence and state sanctioned killing and silencing of protesters must stop.

BLUU supports the Palestinian people and their right to live in their homeland. We denounce the occupation of Palestine and the modern day apartheid conditions the Palestinian people have been living under… As Black Unitarian Universalists, we are reminded today that the reach of white supremacy is global and as such, so must be our collective fight for equity, justice and compassion in human relations.”

The UU-UNO deplores the U.S. veto in the UN Security Council to prevent an investigation into the violence in Israel/Palestine. This veto follows the U.S. veto in December 2017 of a UN Security Council resolution which condemned the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the U.S. intention to move its embassy there. The U.S. goes against the will of most other UN Security Council and UN General Assembly member states which work for a more even-handed approach in protecting Israel while also protecting Palestinians and the right they have to live in peace on land internationally recognized as theirs.

Today, the people of Palestine are deeply wounded. Unitarian Universalists call on the United States and Israel to acknowledge their wounds and work toward a humane resolution instead of engaging in further violence.