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Make a Gift of Stock
Make a Gift of Stock
Giving & Generosity

It is easy to contribute appreciated securities to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). We appreciate your generosity and commitment to Unitarian Universalism and look forward to working with you to complete your gift plans.

Giving Mutual Funds, Stock Certificates, or Privately Held Stock

Mutual funds, physical stock certificates, and privately held stock often require a more complex process than publicly traded stock. The UUA will be glad to handle as much of the processing as possible and to coach you through the process. However, those types of securities can take longer to transfer—up to eight weeks in some situations. If the timing of your gift is critical (for tax purposes, for example) please talk to us as soon as possible. Regardless of timing, if you plan to make a gift of mutual funds or privately held stock, please contact us at (888) 792-5885 or at giftinfo [at] uua [dot] org before initiating the transfer.

Giving Publicly Traded Stock

Publicly traded stock (stock traded on the any of the major exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, etc.) can generally be transferred electronically within a few days.

Step One: Complete Gift Notification Form

Both the UUA and our stock transfer agent in Boston need advance written notice of your plans to ensure that the transfer goes smoothly and your gifted securities will be properly credited upon receipt. Complete the Gift Notification Form and we will forward a copy to our transfer agent.

The Gift Notification Form serves as official record of the purpose of your gift as well as providing the necessary information for us to monitor the progress of the transfer. Please fill out the form as completely as possible and submit it to us before you initiate any transfer of securities.

Step Two: Arrange For Gift Transfer

Transfer securities electronically through depository trust company (DTC) using the instructions provided here: Electronic Transfer of Stock.

Brokerage Fees & Gift Value

Please note that although the UUA does not charge a fee for processing gifts of securities, our broker, RBC Wealth Management, does charge for handling these transactions. Their fees are based on a formula rather than a straight percentage. Fees typically range from 1% on larger transactions to 3.5% on smaller transactions, but can occasionally run higher under some circumstances. The UUA does receive a discount from the standard fee. Ultimately, the amount we receive at the UUA (to be used by the UUA per your instructions, or to be forwarded to your congregation or other UU entity) will be based on the sale price minus any brokerage fees.

Your gift value (for tax purposes) will be based on the average of the high and low price of your stock gift on the date of transfer. Your gift value is not reduced by brokerage fees.

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