Disaster Relief and Resources

Our Disaster Relief Fund is part of a covenant—a covenant between the UUA and congregations, between congregations who give generously and those in need, and with our community partners. Through aiding our congregations, their members and their community partners, we are able to embody our faith and values.

At this point, the Disaster Relief Fund is not accepting applications for grants. We are at the lowest level of available funds since we began this project in 2017. We are in conversation about how to ensure the sustainability of the fund, which relies upon donations from congregations and individual UUs. While we are in discernment, we will still gratefully receive donations to the fund. For more information, please contact Lisa Presley at lpresley@uua.org.

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Donate to the Disaster Relief Fund

​​Disasters impact our congregations and their communities with increasing rapidity. From natural disasters like wildfires that scorch everything in their path and hurricanes that bring destruction through winds and water, to widespread human caused disasters like the collapsing infrastructure that we saw in Flint's water crisis, our congregations, our people, and our communities sustain the impact. Your donation to the UUA Disaster Relief Fund allows the UUA to respond flexibly on your behalf to tragedies that overtake us.

With your donations, we are able to provide assistance to congregations, their members, and their communities. Disaster Relief Fund grants are designed to respond to widespread damage that has received a disaster declaration from FEMA or local government sources. Some of the expenses Disaster Relief Fund grants can be used for are:

  • Damage to congregations’ buildings, and relocation to temporary locations
  • Damage to members/friends homes, and relocation expenses,
  • Donations to local partner organizations that serve the community at large, particularly those who would not be eligible for other funding

Questions about applying for a Disaster Relief Fund grant can be sent to Lisa Presley, Congregational Life Consultant, at lpresley@uua.org

How Are Donations Disbursed?

Staff from all five UUA regions and the Stewardship and Development department work together to expediently review applications and disburse funds. Congregations and recognized UU non-profit entities receiving grants will have discretion to disburse the grant in the way they choose. ​Read how some Disaster Relief Fund grants have been used.

Get Involved

Contributions from UU congregations are the single largest source of funds to the UUA Disaster Relief Fund, followed by gifts from individuals. Congregations wishing to hold a share-the-plate collection for the disaster relief fund may download and share a slide (PDF)  with instructions on how to donate online or via mobile device.

Other Sources of Funding

In addition to funding from the UUA’s Disaster Relief Fund, you may be eligible for funding from FEMA for natural disasters. They have programs specifically for Places of Worship (private non-profits) that you can find on the FEMA website.

There is also a YouTube video about the process.

Disaster Relief Fund

The UUA stands with its congregations and is ready to provide assistance to help congregations and their communities recover in the aftermath of disasters.

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