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COVID-19 Response Fund

Supporting Our People and Our Communities

In this time of national crisis, the Unitarian Universalist Association is working alongside our congregations, and supporting our UU religious professionals and administrative staff, who are tirelessly leading our communities through the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact is widespread, but some will be hit harder than others.

Gifts to the UUA's COVID-19 Pandemic Response allow our UU faith community to financially support those religious professionals and communities for whom the pandemic will create the greatest need.

Grants will be awarded via the Disaster Relief Fund to congregations and UU entities partnering with local organizations to provide assistance in their community to people who are at significant risk to health and livelihood because of COVID-19. Grants to meet the extraordinary financial needs of ministers, religious professionals, and congregational staff impacted by COVID-19 will be disbursed through the Living Tradition Fund.

Please donate today and join in our appreciation for those who are being impacted even as they continue to lead. Your support of the COVID-19 Pandemic Response is a concrete way to show your support and love to the staff and communities that are being most impacted by this health emergency.

Your generosity strengthens our congregations and provides crucial support at a time when we are called to live into our Seventh Principle: that we are indeed an interdependent web of all existence.

Two Funds, One Purpose

With the unprecedented economic dislocations accompanying the COVID-19 health emergency, both the Disaster Relief Fund and the Living Tradition Fund will experience significant demand to fulfill their missions as a community support and as a financial safety net for those who are serving our congregations through this challenging time.

All gifts to the COVID-19 Pandemic Response will help ensure that the UUA has the resources to respond to requests for aid.

  • Disaster Relief Fund
    The Disaster Relief Fund assists UU congregations and their communities in recovering from crises ranging from natural disasters like wildfires and hurricanes, to human-caused disasters like the collapsing infrastructure resulting in unsafe drinking water seen in Flint, MI. Our congregations, our people, and our communities will all bear the impact of this latest disaster, the COVID-19 heath emergency.​ Learn more and apply.
  • Living Tradition Fund

    The Living Tradition Fund helps our professionals who have devoted themselves to helping others. The fund helps meet the extraordinary financial needs experienced by ministers (active and retired), other religious professionals, and congregational staff. These professionals may request relief with large outstanding medical bills, or assistance when facing a housing crisis. The Fund also supports surviving spouses and partners of deceased ministers faced with the dual challenges of loneliness and reduced income. Learn more and apply.

Any unused funds remaining at the conclusion of this national emergency will be allocated equally between the Living Tradition Fund and the Disaster Relief Fund to provide similar aid in the future.

COVID-19 Response

Gifts to the COVID-19 Pandemic Response will be used to provide financial assistance to UU congregations and related UU entities, as well as to UU religious professionals and administrative staff impacted by this crisis.

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By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group

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