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  • By Kendyl R Gibbons
    The Quinceañera tradition has its roots in the ancient cultures of Central and South America, and in Mexican Catholicism. It is a solemn as well as joyful custom, that honors the moment when a girl begins to take responsibility for her own values, commitments, and place in the world.
  • By Norman Allen
    This no-rehearsal Christmas pageant is interactive, offering a fresh angle on an ancient story.
  • By Kathy Schmitz
    An interactive nativity story, or mini-pageant.
  • By Clyde Grubbs, Mary Jane Holden, Erika A. Hewitt
    This service was written by Rev. Clyde Grubbs and Mary Jane Holden, and adapted by Erika Hewitt. It uses readers—as many as ten, plus the...
  • By Tiffany Sapp
    This script is intended to take place over the arc of a worship service or children's chapel. People Needed: Narrator (can be Worship...
  • By Lyn Cox
    Mary: Hi! Are you on the way to the hill country, too? I’m going to the hill country. I'm on my way to see my cousin Elizabeth. I can’t...
  • By Tess Baumberger
    My name is Mary Magdalene. You may have heard of me. I lived a long, long time ago, 2,000 years ago. And I’m here today to tell you the...
  • By Tess Baumberger, Cindy Clarenbach
    An Intergenerational Holiday Service adapted from Charles Dickens’ story, "A Christmas Carol"
  • By Tess Baumberger
    A Christmas Play for Grownups Minister: Tonight I invite you to imagine yourselves there that holy night, when a mother and father had...
  • By Mark W. Harris
    NARRATOR: We know Ralph Waldo Emerson. We know the sage of Concord who gave us the doctrine of “self‐reliance” and the belief in the “...
  • By Susan Jhirad
    A skit celebrating the contributions and struggles of famous UU women "in their own voices" as presented by the author.