Expectations of all General Assembly Attendees

Let us remember our commitment to the worth and dignity of all. The UUA expects all attendees to conduct themselves in a professional manner with concern and respect for all. As guests of our host city, attendees are asked to extend the same respect and consideration to all with whom they interact, including the hospitality workers who serve them.

The UUA is committed to assuring that all participants are safe from abuse and harassment. Any harassment regarding race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, economic class, or employment will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment includes unsolicited remarks, gestures, physical contact, requests for sexual favors, repeated sexual advances after an initial turn down, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. Religious professionals are to follow their codes of conduct to avoid misconduct or harassment. Any GA participant who believes that they are the victim of harassment should contact either a chaplain or the Conflict & Covenant Team.

As a courtesy, please allow persons using wheelchairs and scooters to exit meeting rooms first. Also, please leave elevators free for the use of persons using wheelchairs, scooters or that have difficulty with stairs.

Agreement and Practices for Online Content & Discussion

General Assembly is the largest annual gathering of Unitarian Universalists. It provides us with the opportunity to build deep connections, worship, engage in faith development, participate in innovative learning and collaboration. Both In-person and virtual registrants will have access to the General Assembly Event App (powered by Whova), a powerful online tool for networking and engagement during GA. All participants must abide by the General Assembly Agreement and Practices for Online Content & Discussion.

General Assembly Practices for Fostering Multicultural Dialogue and Community

During General Assembly, we gather to build relationships, which requires a commitment to remaining present to issues of power when feeling challenged. A Covenant alone can never be perfect nor lead to perfect behavior; community requires practice. This week you are invited to take these practices to heart and to speak from your truth while acknowledging your privilege.

  • Honor multiple truths - Your viewpoint, opinions, and actions have intent and impact. In cross-cultural interactions, your INTENT may be to speak from your truth and not cause harm. However, if you are not also invested in the other person’s truth then they can experience the IMPACT as harmful. This is particularly true when people with white privilege see their opinion as the universal experience. Which leads to…
  • Consider your social location - Each of us holds multiple identities with respect to race, class, ability, gender, sexuality, age, and more. Depending on where we are and who we are with, sometimes we are in a position of power and privilege, sometimes we are disempowered or marginalized, and often there’s a mix. Recognize your power and notice the power dynamics around you. Practice using your privilege to create more space for those on the margins.
  • Practice care toward yourself and those you engage with - With thousands of UUs gathered, the one universal truth is: You are going to have difficult conversations this week! Practice care. If you’re in a position of privilege, practice letting go of assumptions, taking your cue from the other person/s, sitting with your discomfort, and/or pausing to consider how to process the conversation. If you have one or more marginalized identities, you may want to assess how much spiritual energy you have to give to the conversation, end a conversation by asking the other person to check in with an accountability partner, and/or seek out care for yourself. Either way, consider finding your people for accountability and/or support (find the Conflict & Covenant Team if you need help).

© 2019 Christina Rivera and Alex Kapitan