General Assembly 2019 Theme Program & Conversations I & II Breakout Groups
General Assembly 2019 Theme Program & Conversations I & II Breakout Groups
General Assembly, GA Programs & Schedule

The Board of Trustees and Commission on Institutional Change invite you to join in the conversation following our time together in the Theme Program & Conversations. To get the most out of our time for conversations, participants have been divided into breakout rooms alphabetically by last name. You are encouraged to attend the breakout group that will allow you to share your fullest truth, be it the room you have been assigned to based on your last name, or one of the identity-based caucuses. Please honor these caucus spaces, by not entering into one that is not representative of the identities you hold. We look forward to being in conversation with you.

Alphabetical Room Assignments (by the last name):

  • CC 100A – (A-BL)

  • CC 206CD – (Bo-Ch)

  • CC 100B – (Cl-Di)

  • CC 111A – (Do-F)

  • CC 300A – (G)

  • DoubleTree Grand Ballroom IV – (H)

  • CC 300A – (I)

  • Davenport Grand Ballroom C – (L)

  • CC 111C – (Ma-Mi)

  • DoubleTree Grand Ballroom I-III – (Mo-O) 

  • Davenport Meeting Room 2 – (P-Rh)

  • Conference Theater – (Ri-Sc)

  • CC 100C – (Se-Sz)

  • CC 402A – (T-U-V)

  • CC 300C – (W)

  • CC 402A – (X-Y-Z)

Caucus Options :

  • CC 102AB – LGBTQ People of Color Caucus

  • CC 102CD – Ministers Caucus

  • CC 111B – Black Caucus

  • CC 202ABC – Young Adult Caucus

  • CC 206AB – GA Youth Caucus

  • CC 300B – LGBTQ+ Caucus

  • CC 300D – Disabilities Caucus

  • CC 302AB – White Caucus

  • CC 303AB – POC Caucus

  • Davenport Meeting Room 1 – Religious Professionals  Caucus

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