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2019 Role-Based Track Programming
2019 Role-Based Track Programming
General Assembly, GA Programs & Schedule

Role-Based Track Programming at the 2019 General Assembly

While opening and closing ceremonies will help us enter and exit as one body, our first and last thematic program blocks will provide for role-based conversations and trainings. Having attendees start and end with the same group provides opportunities to build relationships, continuity, and role relevant content. Tracks will meet on Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to noon and on Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • Combatting Destructive Behavior and White Supremacy Culture
    Convention Center 300A

    As UUs work to dismantle white supremacy culture in our congregations, how do we respond wisely and compassionately to individual behavior that hurts people in our midst? How do we not reinforce racism in our response (or lack of response) to destructive behavior? How do we live into beloved community?
    Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kupono Kwong
    Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh
    Dr. Janice Marie Johnson
    Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson
  • Congregational Treasurers: Counting the Blessings
    Convention Center 300C

    Serving a congregation as a treasurer, member of a Finance Committee, or as a Board Member focused on congregational financial sustainability is a calling. Serving in these congregational leadership roles are often some of the longest tenured leaders in a congregation. We will explore together some of the common challenges for congregational financial leadership, including the way that congregational power and authority are often intertwined with a congregation’s finances.
    Rev. David Pyle
  • Faith Development in Community across the Lifespan
    Convention Center 111A

    Lay leaders and religious professionals explore fresh, new approaches to faith development. Experience and learn to lead activities for religious learning and growth in topic areas of sexuality, gender, and race. Build your congregation’s capacity to offer purposeful, effective, and inclusive faith development programs across the lifespan.
    Gail Forsyth-Vail
    Marisol Caballero
    Melanie Davis
    Susan Lawrence
  • A Radically Inclusive Pathway to Membership
    Convention Center Conference Theater
    UU Congregation of Phoenix

    In this workshop, we explore what it means to be radically inclusive in our membership process. Work in groups to analyze your current process for accessibility. Learn an innovative new membership model. Reflect on what experiences make someone a part of your community. Leave with tools to take it home.
    Janine Gelsinger
    Phoebe Dubisch
  • Transformational Worship
    Convention Center 100C

    How do we create worship that transforms lives and changes the world? Rev. Duncan Teague of Abundant LUUv, a congregation centered in the African American religious tradition and Rev. Chris Buice of the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church dedicated to intergenerational ministry will help us answer this question.
    Rev. Duncan Teague
    Rev. Chris Buice
  • A Joyful Noise: Why Congregational Singing Matters
    Convention Center 401ABC
    Association for UU Music Ministries

    This track offered by the Association for UU Music Ministries (formerly UU Musicians Network) will delve into the importance of congregational singing, offer tools for dynamic songleading in worship, and inspire the use of music in our public social justice efforts.
    Amanda Thomas
    Francisco Ruiz
    Cecelia Hayes
    Jennie Mulqueen
  • Collaborative Leadership for Collective Liberation
    Convention Center 300B
    Church of the Larger Fellowship, East Shore Unitarian Church

    What if our systems of leadership reflect our liberation theology? Transformation and collective liberation will be possible when we change hierarchal and oppressive paradigms while appreciating each other’s gifts and talents. This workshop will share stories of collaborative leadership models that work and how to successfully work through the challenges.
    Rev. Deanna Vandiver
    Aisha Hauser, MSW
  • How to Be a Good Employer and Supervisor
    DoubleTree Grand Ballroom V
    Congregational Life and Office of Church Staff Finances of the UUA

    Churches are employers, and employees must be supervised. This track is for board members, personnel committees, and anyone who supervises staff. Learn about effective, values-based practices for hiring and supporting your staff, including job descriptions, interviewing, onboarding, team-building, performance feedback, and staffing for diversity. We’ll explore common staff challenges, too.
    Jan Gartner
    Kathy McGowan
  • Power Mapping the UUA and Your Congregation
    DoubleTree Grand Ballroom IV
    Journey Towards Wholeness Transformation Committee

    The JTWTC will discuss its power mapping for the UUA report, and train participants to utilize power mapping in their home community. Participants will learn how to trace systems that create/protect systems of oppression, and identify influencers in order to create change.
    Rev. Theresa Soto
    Mandolin Restivo
    Carrie Stewart
    Ted Fetter
  • Side with Love: Our Call for this Moment!
    Convention Center 100B
    Side with Love,  Interfaith Organizing Initiative Project of Center for Race, Religion and Economic Democracy

    UUs are called to #sidewithlove and align with frontline partners who center those impacted by injustice. We will utilize popular education methodologies to contextualize the current role of people of faith in this social, political and economic environment, provide organizing tools and opportunities to practice building power. Join us!
    Everette Thompson
    Charlene Sinclair, Ph.D.
    Brittini Gray
  • The Future of Outreach
    Convention Center 111C
    Unitarian Universalist Association

    Storytelling. Digital communications. Strategy. Equity. Let’s talk about the future of Outreach. Join the UUA’s Outreach team and practice effective storytelling, discuss your outreach triumphs and challenges, and share practical strategies for engaging outreach, especially in digital spaces.
    Anna Bethea
    Marchaé Grair
  • Effective and Relational Justice Work in UU Spaces
    Convention Center 100A
    Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East

    Social justice work is central to Unitarian Universalist identity and is often controversial. UU activists must be effective in making a difference and relational in showing respect while being courageous and prophetic. This program will examine how these goals can be met in UU congregations and organizations.
    Rev. Amanda Weatherspoon
    Aly Tharp
    Rev. Kate Lore
    Rev. Wendy Von Courter
  • Is Your Work a Lay Ministry?
    DoubleTree Grand Ballroom I-III
    UU Society Community Ministry

    Does your leadership role in your covenanted community constitute ministry? Members of the UUSCM and the Commissioned Lay Minister program of UUA CERG will provide inspiring examples of lay ministry, foster conversations for mutual discernment, and outline the resources available for the recognition, support, training and recognition of lay ministry.
    Rev. Cathleen Cox
    Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie
    Ben Graber
  • Stewardship: Where Our Resources, Values, and Integrity Meet
    Convention Center 111B
    UUA Stewardship and Development

    Stewardship teams are encouraged to come explore the spirituality of stewardship, trust as the foundation of a generous culture, and how we can empower the alignment of our resources and our highest values. We will have ample time for sharing of congregational best practices.
    Rev. Lauren Smith
    Rev. Vail Weller
    Connie Goodbread

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