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General Assembly Theme

Rooted, Inspired, & Ready!

We Are Rooted

To know where we are headed, we must be in touch with our theological and historical roots. A major focus of General Assembly (GA) will be partnership with Indigenous leaders in the Northeast to explore how to co-exist in right relationship with one another and the land we occupy. We will deepen our understanding of Unitarian Universalism’s role in European settlement, 400 years since our direct religious ancestors on the Mayflower landed in Plymouth and began the colonization of what is now New England. GA will delve into our theological and historical roots, bringing those threads into the present day and acting in solidarity with Indigenous communities. 

We Are Inspired

We are the ones we have been waiting for. We have been engaged in a transformation of our faith to be more inclusive and anti-oppressive, and GA will be an opportunity to experience the progress we are making and enter a new phase of this mission-based work. Delegates will choose the Association’s senior elected volunteer leader with the election of a new Moderator. The Commission on Institutional Change will deliver its final report and engage attendees in exploring how to take action based on their recommendations. The UUA is a living laboratory for how we shift our faith communities as a whole to embrace values of justice and liberation. GA will provide learning opportunities for leaders to experience this work first-hand, and to take it back home Whether you are coming to GA just beginning this work or already far down the road, leaders will leave GA with concrete skills to bring back their congregations to invest in the health, vitality and inclusivity of their communities.

We Are Ready

Fired up and ready to go! Our UU values call us to take action in the face of rising white nationalism, authoritarianism and climate destruction. UUs have been joining the #resistance locally, nationally and globally, and the need for our values of justice, equity, compassion and liberation rises each day. The 2020 elections are the most important of our lifetime for ensuring that our movements for justice can survive and thrive , and UUs across the country will be mobilizing to “UU the VOTE.” Attendees will be inspired and trained up to engage in electoral work as people of faith, living out our values in service of all our intersecting justice commitments.