Understanding Cultural Differences: Ed Nichols Model
Understanding Cultural Differences: Ed Nichols Model
General Assembly

A model for understanding cultural differences designed by diversity consultant Dr. Edward J. Nichols has been useful for educators at the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal in New Orleans (CELSJR.org). You can access the chart by going to this teacher resource page, and clicking on the link labeled ED NICHOLS' CULTURAL PHILOSOPHIES.

Review the chart. Ask yourself these questions and discuss them with others:

  1. What insights do you gain from this model that help you understand cultural differences?
  2. Where do you find yourself on this chart? Looking at your own life, what situations can you recall where cultural differences were at play?
  3. How do differing cultural values impact a society polarized by race?

  4. How does cultural competency help us with anti-racism work?

  5. How do we create spaces where we practice cultural competency that not just tolerates diversity but values it?

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