General Session II, General Assembly 2022

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This agenda is subject to change.

  • Call to Order
  • Opening Words and Chalice Lighting
  • Update from the GA Care Teams (Systemic Justice, Safety, Conflict & Covenant, Accessibility & Inclusion, and Chaplain Teams)
  • Preliminary Credentials Report
  • Theological Framing
  • Article II Study Commission: General Introduction and Purpose
  • Break
  • President’s Report (video and transcript)
  • Side With Love Collection
  • Music
  • Rules Review and Voting Process Video
  • Discussion of Thursday’s Ballot of Amendments
  • Energy Break
  • Commission on Social Witness Report and Admitting AIWs to the Final Agenda
  • Closing Words
  • Announcements and Recess

Special Collection

Through its various programs and campaigns—including UU the Vote, Love Resists, Create Climate Justice and more—Side with Love organizes UUs in collaboration with partner movements for justice to build a world in which all people are free and thriving.