How's Your #UUAGA Online Experience?
Survey: How's Your GA Online Experience?

Are you enjoying General Assembly (GA) Online? What's working or not working for you? The more we know about your experience, the better we'll be able to make improvements.

To comment about other aspects of GA (not specific to the online experience), use the Planning Committee's GA Feedback Form.

Please respond only for yourself, or as the agent for a specific individual.

strongly disagreedisagreeno opinionagreestrongly agree
makes me more aware of connections between and among congregations and the UUA
raises my interest in becoming a delegate to GA
makes me feel more connected with Unitarian Universalism
encourages me to want to attend GA in person
helps me to understand better how the association's democratic decision-making process works
1 (Bad)23 (Neutral)45 (Good)
Finding the live video
Starting and stopping the video
Adjusting the volume
Audio quality
Video quality
Instructions or support
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Use the Planning Committee's GA Feedback Form to give feedback on aspects of GA not specific to the online experience.

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