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Showing the GA Sunday Worship in Your Congregation's Sunday Service

There are a couple ways to organize a group viewing of the GA Sunday Service livestream with video conferencing software. The following instructions are for Zoom but other meeting system may be similar.

Stream Availability

There are two Sunday Worship live streams to accommodate East and Pacific coasts: 10am ET and 10 am PT. For technical reasons, the ability to pause and rewind won’t be available. We recommend starting your Zoom meeting 15 to 20 minutes before the live stream begins to allow folks time to join, ask questions, and chat with each other. At about 2pm EDT, the Sunday Worship will be posted on for on demand viewing.

Option 1: Restream the Service in a Zoom Meeting

BenefitsThis method is easier for attendees (all they need to do is Join your Zoom meeting).

Challenges: Voice chat is not feasible during the stream and video quality will suffer a bit.

This takes advantage of the screensharing function in Zoom to broadcast the Sunday Service stream to everyone in the meeting. Once the Zoom meeting has been started, a Zoom Host or Co-host can screenshare with “Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip” and “Share computer sound”:

  1. Start your Zoom meeting before the Sunday Worship service is to begin.

  1. Open a web browser to:

  1. Click the full-screen icon in the player to enlarge the video player.

  1. Switch back to the Zoom window. Use Alt-Tab (on Windows) or Command-Tab (on a Mac) to switch among your running applications while leaving the video player full-screen.

  1. Click the Share Screen button at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Check the “Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip” and “Share computer sound” buttons.

Sharing a video in a Zoom meeting
  1. Click the Share button. The congregation can now see your video player.

  2. Start the video player. The congregation can now see the video playing.

  1. When the stream is over click the “Stop Share” button in Zoom.


  • If you have two monitors, you can full-screen the GA Sunday Service stream on one display and have Zoom share that.

  • During the stream you may want to use the “Mute All” button to avoid folks having trouble hearing the stream over each other.

  • Encourage folks to use the chat for reactions during the service.

Option 2: Gather on Zoom but Watch the Stream Separately

BenefitsThis will result in a higher quality video stream to participants and voice chat during the stream may be possible. Depending on their technology some users may be able to watch the live stream on a large display like a TV while joining your Zoom meeting on another device.

Challenges: This requires more effort from attendees since they need to join a Zoom call and separately view a video in their browser.

The idea here is simple: everyone watches the stream “on their own, together”. To set this up:

  1. Start a Zoom call for your congregants to join. Start it before the Sunday Worship service is to begin.

  1. Direct attendees to open The video stream will start about 10 minutes before service begins, but it will just be slide and music until the start time.


  • During the stream you may want to selectively mute participants if audio from the service is being picked up in Zoom via their microphone.

  • It may be helpful to prepare a slide with instructions for accessing the Sunday Service stream that can be displayed in the Zoom meeting for attendees.