Showing General Assembly Video in Your Sunday Service
Showing General Assembly Video in Your Sunday Service
General Assembly, Online GA

Your congregation can live-stream the Sunday morning worship service into your sanctuary as part or all of your own Sunday worship. This is a great way to connect your congregation with General Assembly (GA).


The GA 2020 Sunday Morning Worship was held on June 28. The worship was streamed on YouTube on this page, YouTube, and the UUA's Facebook page

Consider testing your setup in advance either by showing a YouTube video or by showing one of the General Session live streams on Friday or Saturday. This is highly recommended if you are planning on using the DVR functionality. 


Her are instructions for showing the GA Sunday Worship Service as part of your congregation's Sunday service.

Or follow the instructions for showing GA video at an event.

Backup Plan

A backup plan is always a good idea. More than one is even better:

  • If our stream doesn't work, plan to show the 2019 Sunday Morning Worship: In This Delicate Turning
  • For in-person services: If your projector stops working (perhaps the bulb burns out), plan to listen to the audio anyway, perhaps with slides your congregation took at previous GAs.
  • If nothing works, plan a discussion (for online services) or a hymn sing (for in-person services)!

Permissions for 2020 Music

The 2020 Sunday service includes two anthems. Many congregations have asked about using them in their own Sunday services.


"Tomorrow" is registered to ASCAP. If your congregation has a license that gives you access to those catalogs (i.e., WorshipCast), you do not need to get additional permission to play it.

Miner is thrilled to see so many people connecting with their music through this Sunday service. They've offered the use of their music to us all, free of charge, but given the effects of COVID-19 on their business the band would benefit greatly from any donations. If you are able, we suggest a $25 donation via Paypal to contactminer [at] gmail [dot] com.

"We Are"

"We Are" is registered to BMI. Dr. Barnwell has graciously granted permission to use this recording in UU Sunday services. If you want to perform it with your own singers and have purchased scores for each of your singers, there is nothing else required. If you wish to keep it in your repertoire please include a one time fee of $30.00 payable to Barnwells Notes Inc. at 2442 Tunlaw Rd North West, Washington DC 20007.

For more information contact

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