Technical Notes on Watching or Projecting Live Video from General Assembly

Three volunteers gather behind a laptop computer at a side table in General Session (the GA Tech Deck).

Volunteers at the GA "Tech Deck" in General Session help display the appropriate information on the large screens in the hall.

When General Assembly (GA) public events are happening in the session hall, video will appear on General Assembly 2023 Public Video.

Test your system in advance by watching any video on YouTube.

Watching GA Video

Here's all you need to watch GA video on your computer or mobile device:

  • A high-speed Internet connection. We recommend 1.5Mbps or greater download speed.
  • Speakers or headphones. Live-streaming video will include machine-generated captions that are captured as the event occurs (which means there will be errors).

Projecting GA Video

Read our page on Projecting GA Video at an Event for technical requirements and testing recommendations before planning a GA screening.

Showing GA Video in Your Sunday Service includes details about planning an event around this year's big GA worship service.


If you are experiencing problems with videos from YouTube (live-streamed and on-demand events available without registration), go to the YouTube support page for help.

Report Trouble

If you are experiencing trouble viewing or hearing our videos, please let us know. (Please note the time zone differences when trying to watch General Assembly events.)