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Using Chatroll: Technical Notes for GA Online Live Chat

Chatroll lets off-site participants chat with each other online during live-streamed General Assembly events.

Anyone can read messages in the chat box, but you must sign in to the chat in order to send messages (this is different from signing in to

You may need to allow cookies from [*.] in order to log in to the chat.

Sign in with Facebook or Twitter to connect more easily with your existing online community.

If you sign in as a "Guest" you will be able to choose a username. To change your guest username, you must use the "Sign out" icon link below the chat box, and then sign in again with a new name.

Use the "Toggle Sound" icon link below the chat box to turn notification sounds on or off.

The "Popout" icon link will let you open the chat in a new window, which you can move and resize as you wish.

GA Online Chat is moderated by UUA staff and volunteers. Use of the chat is governed by Policies.