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Online Discussions During General Assembly
Online Discussions During General Assembly
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Chatroom During Live Video

A public chat box is available on GA pages during live-streaming events, allowing off-site participants to connect with each other while watching worship and business sessions online. Using Chatroll.

Off-site Registrants and Delegates will also have chat rooms on their registration-required portal site.


UU World curates photos from GA as collections on their Flickr photostream.

GA Forum on

For several months leading up to GA, the website hosts the GA Forum, an online General Assembly discussion. The forum is divided into separate discussions about housing, room-shares, ride-shares, first-timer questions, being a delegate, the election, and other topics. You can read just the topics you are interested in and/or receive email notifications about some or all topics. 


The hashtag for General Assembly (GA) discussion on Twitter is #uuaga.

Follow @uuaGA for official updates and announcements during GA, and @UUAGAChat for live-tweeting from volunteers.

Peter Bowden has made a great "how-to" video on tweeting, especially for Unitarian Universalists (UUs) for GA 2014: UU Gotta Tweet at #UUAGA Twitter Crash Course (YouTube).


The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is present on Facebook and maintains a General Assembly Facebook Event. However, General Assembly staff do not maintain or monitor discussion on Facebook, as it is not an open format and membership is requisite to participation.

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