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Online Discussions During General Assembly

Delegates in General Session scroll through their phones.

Registrants can post to fellow attendees by using the GA App or #UUAGA.

Chatroom During Live Video

A public chat box is available on GA pages during live-streaming events, allowing off-site participants to connect with each other while watching worship and business sessions online. Using Chatroll.

Off-site Registrants and Delegates will also have chat rooms on their registration-required portal site.

GA App

Much of the online discussion at GA takes place over the GA App (free download or web-based).

GA Forum on

For several months leading up to GA, the website hosts the GA Forum, an online General Assembly discussion. The forum is divided into separate discussions about housing, room-shares, ride-shares, first-timer questions, being a delegate, the election, and other topics. You can read just the topics you are interested in and/or receive email notifications about some or all topics.


The hashtag for General Assembly (GA) discussion on Twitter is #uuaga. Follow @uuaGA for official updates and announcements during GA.


The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is present on Facebook and maintains a General Assembly Facebook Event. However, General Assembly staff do not maintain or monitor discussion on Facebook, as it is not an open format and membership is requisite to participation.