General Session III General Assembly 2024

Co-moderators Rev. Meg Riley and Charles Du Mond steer the General Sessions where the essential work of the Association takes center stage.

Summary of Business Taking Place


For more detail, read the Final Business Agenda (PDF). Discussion of business items is taking place on the UUA Forums. Additional information for delegates is on Business at General Assembly 2024.

  • Call to Order
  • Opening Words
  • Update on the Results of Yesterday’s Ballot
  • Update from the GA Care Teams
  • Reflection
  • President’s Report
  • Co-Moderators’ Report
  • Discussion of Article II Amendment: “Peace as a UU Value”
  • Break
  • Discussion of Article II Amendment: “Reason and the Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning”
  • Music
  • Discussion of Business Resolution: “Affirming Transgender, Nonbinary, Intersex and Gender Diverse People as a Fundamental Expression of UU Religious Values”
  • Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Report
  • Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation Report
  • Closing Words
  • Announcements & Recess