Next to compost, recycling, and landfill bins, a woman explains how waste is processed at the UUA General Assembly.
General Assembly 2015: Greener!
General Assembly 2015: Greener!
General Assembly

With energy reductions, carbon offsets, and sustainable food choices, the Unitarian Universalist Association's annual meeting, General Assembly, is one of the greenest events around. We have been named a Top 5 Organization for Green Meetings and have received an IMEX Green Meeting Award. General Assembly meets in a different US city each year. Some of the convention centers and hotels we've worked with have kept our high standards for sustainable practices even after we've gone.

This June in Portland, Oregon, our 2015 General Assembly (GA) will not just have green practices: we will work for climate justice. With Commit2Respond, a broad Unitarian Universalist movement, GA will build our capacities to: shift to a lower carbon future, advance the human rights of affected communities, and grow the climate justice movement. Find out about Unitarian Universalist work for climate justice.

The GA 2015 theme is "Building a New Way." It's about more than climate justice. It's about breaking out of our old ways, and using our creativity to live into something new. At GA we worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process. Anyone who registers may attend; delegates from our member congregations may vote. Programs and childcare are available for children. 

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