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The forum is divided into discussions about housing, room-shares, and other topics. To post or to subscribe to receive email notifications about some or all topics, create an account and log in.

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Preparation for GA Programs and Highlights 0 comments Preparation for GA Programs and Highlights
9 months 3 weeks ago by margy
Have Car, Seeking Passengers

If you are driving to GA and have space for some passengers, post here. 

0 comments Have Car, Seeking Passengers to Drive to General Assembly
9 months 3 weeks ago by margy
GA Online Forum 0 comments GA Online Forum
9 months 3 weeks ago by margy
GA Choir 1 comment Welcome to the 2018 GA Choir!
9 months 2 weeks ago by AnneWatsonBorn
Need a Ride

Looking for a ride to GA? Post here. 

1 comment Savannah, Ga. Wed-Mon
9 months 2 weeks ago by Orlando.Montoya
Delegates and GA Business

Information for people who will be voting delegates at General Assembly. Discussion about UUA business to be transacted during GA.

1 comment My Congregation Not Listed as Michigan Congregation - help!
9 months 1 week ago by Gigi.Gordon
About Kansas City 9 comments Good coffee and Wi-Fi near the convention center?
7 months 2 weeks ago by margy
Questions from First-Timers

First time you are attending General Assembly? Or first time you are a delegate? We can answer your questions!

6 comments What to pack? (Anything formal?)
7 months 1 week ago by jdonatone
Off-site Participation 1 comment Off-site delegates
6 months 3 weeks ago by EGustwick
Need Housing at GA

Looking for a hotel room or have questions about housing options? 

7 comments Need a roommate
6 months 1 week ago by esobczak
Have Room, Seeking Roommate

If you have reserved a hotel room or if you live locally and have a room to offer, post here. 

13 comments Share Room
6 months 6 days ago by Linda.Schaller
Congregational Study/Action Issues (CSAIs)

Discussions about Congregational Study/Action Issues (CSAIs) that will be proposed and voted on at General Assembly.

0 comments CSAI Discussion
5 months 4 weeks ago by Keith.Iding

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