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Have a Room, Seeking Roommate(s) at General Assembly
Have a Room, Seeking Roommate(s) at General Assembly

If you have reserved a hotel room or live locally and have room for people to share the cost, post here. 

Use Direct Messages to Arrange Room Sharing

To arrange to share a room, don't post your personal information here. Contact the person directly:

  • Click their name to see their account page
  • Click "Send a message" and send a message with your contact information.
  • The person will receive an email with your message.
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Share Room 0 comments
6 days 14 hours ago by Linda.Schaller
Share room 1 comment
Hi, had a last minute roomie cancel on me.  Was wondering if you're still...
6 days 22 hours ago by Chris Barghout
Share a room with a sober goofy middle aged admin 1 comment
Hi, my room mate canceled at last minute.  Wondering whether room is still...
6 days 22 hours ago by Chris Barghout
DLRE 4 comments
Hi Debi, I'm a Director of Lifespan RE from NY (originally from MA). ...
1 week 11 hours ago by robinahearn33
Sharing hotel room during GA 208 3 comments
Hi, I have a room booked 1/10 mile from the convention center--Crowne Plaza...
1 week 12 hours ago by robinahearn33
Marriott - seeking roommate 1 comment
1 week 20 hours ago by Lee Anne Washington
Phillips 4 star Hotel roommate needed 2 comments
Please let me know whether this need is still unmet.  I'm interested in it...
3 weeks 6 days ago by Orlando.Montoya
Have an Airbnb, 3 blocks to Convention Center, June18-24 0 comments
1 month 1 day ago by Dick Burkhart
Seeking roommates for GA 0 comments
1 month 2 days ago by Clarise
Seeking roommate for Ministry Days & GA 1 comment
How do you feel about rooming with a young adult bisexual male?  I...
1 month 6 days ago by johnnewhall
KC Marriott Downtown, Gay and Sober 0 comments
1 month 1 week ago by jdonatone
Phillips 4 star Luxury Hotel roommate needed 0 comments
1 month 3 weeks ago by Chris Barghout

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