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Miniassembly BEFORE Welcome Ceremony on Wednesday

By Sally J Gellert
June 14, 2020, 1:33 am EDT

Heads up!  GA starts earlier than one would expect; in addition to the Preparing for #UUtheVote on Wednesday afternoon, there is a business miniassembly then—so if you show up at the usual time, you will have missed the only opportunity to make amendments to rules, by-laws, and the proposed business resolution—all in 90 minutes! (It is a good idea to have these all discussed together, but that really does not seem like enough time, especially when our new delegates are experiencing the process for the first time, and everyone is dealing with an all-virtual GA for the first time ever.)

I am trying really hard to stay positive, but this seems like asking for trouble—and more controversy when these items come up for votes in general/business/plenary sessions, and folks realize that the discussion happened on Wednesday. Hold onto your hats!