Drastic changes to AIW process—very UNdemocratic!
By Sally G

There will be no signature-gathering, so delegates are responsible for reviewing the AsIW on their own—nobody will be coming to you to ask for your signature, discuss an issue, etc. At the Friday morning plenary/general/business session (why do we keep changing the name?  it is confusing!), the voting process will be explained (I understand it is to be electronic, which undercuts my credibility when I ask for paper, hand-counted ballots for civic elections—nobody wanted to hear about this for the last UUA presidential election, but it is distressing that we do not practice what we preach). At the Saturday session, the CSW will announce the 3 AsIW to be admitted by GA delegates to the agenda, there will be supportive presentation and time for a couple of comments, and then a final vote—all in 1 hour, along with whatever other business is on the agenda.

I am deeply distressed.




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margy 12 months 7 hours ago

You might want to write to the CSW with your concerns, at cws [at] uua [dot] org.

Sally G 12 months 7 hours ago

Thanks, will do!

For more information contact religiouseducation@uua.org.

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