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amendments to the by-laws

By Sally J Gellert
June 2, 2019, 9:32 am EDT

Many of these are placed on a consent agenda, which I do not remember being used at a GA (I have been attending since 2009, Salt Lake City, either in person or off site). I don’t know that our by-laws have a provision for a consent agenda (and who consents to what is on it) or that amendments can be passed without a specific vote on the amendment’s content; I would argue against that. I doubt that such a provision is in our by-laws, and despite the board’s desire for replacing 65% of our business time with theme discussions, I am strongly opposed to not discussing many of these amendments. Though some of the amendments e.g., to make language conform to other sections, may not be controversial, others certainly are, or would be if they were more visible.