Sustainability Terms and Conditions
Sustainability Terms and Conditions
General Assembly, GA Exhibit Hall

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) requires vendors to join in a commitment to sustainability by agreeing to comply with the following guidelines required under sustainability standards for meetings and events. Exhibitors shall:

  1. Designate a person to be responsible for sustainability at your booth.
  2. Communicate UUA’s sustainability goals to the onsite team.
  3. Ensure any materials discarded from your booth are recycled, composted or donated. This includes any daily trash. Every year GA volunteers devote many dirty hours to rescuing divertible materials for exhibitor trash bins, a practice we would rather not do. Please contact the email below prior to GA to confirm if materials you may need to discard can be recycled, composted or donated. Note that polystyrene, foam plastic, plastic bags and shrink wrap are NOT recyclable and strongly discouraged.
  4. Provide giveaways that are not wasteful and do not leave behind any surplus items. Note that left behind giveaways may incur charges to ensure proper disposal outside of landfill.
  5. Turn off all electricity during hall closures, unless perishable goods are at risk of spoiling.
  6. Ensure that 25% of lighting is energy efficient, if used (i.e. LED lights, EnergyStar certified bulbs).
  7. Consolidate shipments with their own travel, or use a SmartWay certified hauler.
  8. Use a water reclamation system in booths if a water element is used.
  9. Have sustainability criteria for purchasing of booth materials. This means purchased materials must demonstrate at least one of the following attributes: reusable, recyclable, recycled content, provides social good/social value, bears a recognizable eco-label.
  10. Not bring excessively packaged materials onsite.
  11. Donate re-useable materials, including safe food items. Please contact the email below to arrange for this in advance to avoid potential charges.
  12. While not required, exhibitors are strongly encouraged to have a documented sustainability policy for their booth or company. 

Onsite Evaluation

MeetGreen® will be onsite to ensure the above terms and conditions have been met. If issues are noticed, exhibitors will receive a post-event email identifying any best practices and/or issue/s and suggest possible solutions. Exhibitors with noted issues are welcome to return to GA the next year but if issues are persistent, the exhibitor will be unable to participate in future GAs unless corrective action is taken and evidence of the correction is provided. Exhibitors can contact MeetGreen® if they need help addressing a guideline.

For any questions related to sustainable exhibiting, please contact Eric Wallinger at eric [at] meetgreen [dot] com

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