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Tax Issues for Congregations
Tax Issues for Congregations
Finance for Congregations

Tax Exempt Status

Often congregations get confused about their tax status under IRS rules. Every Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) congregation is a “church” under U.S. tax law, therefore tax exempt, charitable, and exempt from tax filing. There is no “group exemption” from the UUA, but the UUA will provide a letter saying a congregation is in good standing. This addresses most tax exemption issues. However, it still may be in the interest of a congregation to get its own classification letter from the IRS.

Political Issues, Elections, and Lobbying

The other tax-related questions that come up often relate to permissible behavior on political issues, elections, and lobbying. The UUA, in collaboration with our legal counsel, has prepared a guide laying out the boundaries for political speech and action.

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