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The way we invest matters!
Socially Responsible Investing and Our Faith
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Believing in the inherent worth of each person, our mutual interdependency, and the need to create a world in which each person has the opportunity to flourish, Unitarian Universalism is deeply rooted in social justice as a direct expression of our faith. Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) is one vehicle for expressing this faith.

"The fundamental belief that social investors share is this: that the way we invest matters. Our reasoning is simple: there is a basic conflict between making the highest possible profit for the few that have investments and building the most livable world for the many that inhabit it. Now is the time for humankind to realize its potential for peace, loveliness, human dignity, and shared values. We have the capacity; we probably have the will. What we have lacked is a commitment to integrate the goal of creating a livable world into the day-to-day management of our most powerful institutions: business and finance."
—Amy Domini, Socially Responsible Investing: Making a Difference and Making Money

First Parish of Watertown, MA Unitarian Universalist Holds SRI Sunday Service

The Trustees of Parish Funds at the First Parish of Watertown, Unitarian Universalist, have been on a long journey together concerning socially responsible investing. This process culminated on Sunday, February 29, 2004 with a worship service led by the trustees, celebrating socially responsible investing as a key way to truly live our values, and explaining what and how we do socially responsible investing at First Parish of Watertown. Appropriate hymns, readings and meditations (offered by the minister, intern minister, Parish Chair, and Moderator), provided the context for the trustees to speak about the "Background on Endowment Investments" (Judy Kamm), the "trustees SRI Journey" (Sue Kuder), and the "Trustees Proposed Plan for SRI" (Ken Vogel). The service was very well received and was followed by a dynamic Q&A session with the Trustees and Treasurer following the service. This was one important step along the way to being a congregation that continues to truly employ its values when engaging with the world.

Sample SRI Order of Service (PDF, 4 pages)

General Assembly Social Justice Statements

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