APF Contributions Grow Our Unitarian Universalist Faith

Ways Our Gifts to Our Association Sustain and Expand Unitarian Universalism

  1. When we choose to share our gifts with our wider Unitarian Universalist community, we invest in the extension of our common values and purpose in the world.
  2. We strengthen the connection between our congregation and our a Unitarian Universalist Association. and beyond.
  3. We connect people of all ages with the great stories and teachings of our Unitarian Universalist faith.
  4. Our giving strengthens our covenant of mutual support and affirms our connectedness as congregations.
  5. We encourage generosity by modeling generosity.
  6. Together we create a better today and a brighter future for all beings through our attention and intention as generous givers.
  7. We make a positive difference for tomorrow when we invest in our wider community today.
  8. We spread the good news of Unitarian Universalism by exemplifying our principle s in our daily lives.
  9. Our gifts to our UUA reflect our commitment to our relationship of interconnectedness, which nurtures cooperation, love, equity, and justice.
  10. We Stand on the Side of Love as we work to overcome oppression, fear, alienation, and loneliness.
  11. Our ministry and worship inspire hearts, enlighten minds, nurture spiritual growth.
  12. Our gifts enable us to heal and transform our world.

We can be and do more together than we can be and do on our own.