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Eligibility for the Retirement Plan
Eligibility for the Retirement Plan
Benefits & Compensation for Congregations

Eligibility to Enroll and Authorize Elective Contributions

All W-2 employees of UU Employers who have adopted the Plan are eligible to enroll and participate in the Plan for the purposes of either authorizing Elective Contributions or rolling funds into the plan. Individuals who are already enrolled in the UU Retirement Plan do not need to re-enroll when they begin to serve a new-to-them UU employer that offers the Plan; instead, contact Cbenak [at] uua [dot] org (subject: New%20Hire) with details requesting an update to the employer linkage on the employee's account.

Eligibility for Employer's Contributions

In addition to being able to save via employee's own Elective Contributions, some employees qualify for Employer's Contributions. Employers are responsible for making a correct and timely determination of each employee's eligibility to receive Employer's Retirement Contributions based on the Plan's criteria. Review the final page of the Benefits Tune-Up Workbook (PDF) for one example of an Employer's review and determination. For assistance in making a determination, or to verify that an individual previously satisfied the applicable Plan criteria, contact retirementplan [at] uua [dot] org (subject: Eligibility%20Determination%20Assistance%20Needed) with details.

  • Local eligibility policies and procedures mirror the governing plan document (PDF) provisions, the Employer's Participation Agreement on file with UUA, and the federal and other regulations that apply to Employers who offer employee benefit plans.

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