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Eligibility for the Retirement Plan
Eligibility for the Retirement Plan
Benefits & Compensation for Congregations
  • Employers offering this employee benefit plan are responsible for proper and timely determination of each employees' eligibility to receive Employer's Retirement Contributions.
  • The governing plan document (PDF) provisions must be used in order to make proper determinations.
    • Employer's policies must mirror the governing plan's provisions, their Employer Participation Agreement on file with UUA, and regulations that apply to Employers who offer employee benefits. 
  • Questions? Review information first, and contact lrose [at] uua [dot] org, Plan Director, with questions.

Employee's Contributions

Low and moderate income earners may qualify for a tax credit when they contribute to the retirement plan. See Saver's Credit information. Employees, age 18 and older, are eligible to enroll in the plan when they work for a UU Employer that offers this plan as an employee benefit for any of their employees. Even if the employee has not yet met the Plan's criteria to receive contributions from their Employer, they may elect to defer a portion of their pre-income-tax salary to the plan. 

These voluntary deferrals are known as Elective contributions. The Employer is to obtain a signed Employee Contributions Agreement (Salary Reduction Form) in order to document the employee's authorization of the Elective contributions. Enrolled employees may also roll assets into the UU Organizations Retirement Plan from a similar plan.  

Employer's Retirement Contributions

Non-Clergy employees serving Participating Employers are eligible to receive Retirement Contributions from their Employer only once they have:

  • attained age 18 and
  • satisfied the Plan's (PDF) Year of Eligibility Service provision by:
    • working for any UU Employers that offer the plan, and have thereby accumulated 1,000 Hours of Service during the 12-month period starting on their date of hire and ending on their one year anniversary date*.
      • Employer must aggregate concurrent and consecutive Hours of Service rendered by the individual's employment with one or more UU Employers that offer the plan.
    • *If such an employee has never before accumulated 1,000 Hours of Service during a 12-month period being monitored, then the employee will become eligible for Employer Contributions on the first of the year following the first calendar year (also known as the Plan year) during which they were employed for 12 consecutive months and rendered a minimum of 1,000 Hours of Service.

And ALL persons described in the four bullets below are to receive Employer's Retirement Contributions without delay and without having to re-satisfy Plan's Year of Eligibility Service provision:

  • Individuals who have successfully completed a UU Ministerial Internship.
  • Persons who have been awarded Preliminary Fellowship from the UU Ministerial Fellowship Committee.
  • UU Ministers
  • Individuals who already satisfied the Plan's Year of Eligibility Service provision.

Questions? Contact lrose [at] uua [dot] org 

NOTE: Once an employee has met the Plan's criteria to receive Employer contributions, participating Employers must remit the Employer Contribution even if the employee's hours decrease (drop below 1,000 hours of service/year) in subsequent years, or the employee transitions to serve a different UU Employer that offers the Plan.

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Compensation Guidelines (PDF) recommend an employer's retirement contribution of 10 percent. 

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