Sample Adoption/Implementation Calendar for Plan

Congregations and UUA-related organizations not currently participating in the Plan may request to join the Plan by making a Board decision to adopt the Plan, complete and submit a Participation Agreement to and upon receiving confirmation, may begin to implement the Plan.

Sample Employer Adoption/ Implementation Calendar



  • HR/Personnel Committee, Board, Minister, and/or Executive Team review options presented in the Plan and on the Participation Agreement.
  • Decide:
    • Whether to Auto-Enroll Staff
    • Amount of Base Employer Contribution Percentage (required minimum is 5%)
    • Whether to Match Employee Contributions, and if so, to what percentage
    • Whether to exclude any components of Compensation.
  • Review options with Staff and address concerns, if any.
  • Seek clarifying information from the UUA/Retirement Plan staff.


  • Board makes decisions concerning the options listed on the Participation Agreement.
  • Board selects intended implementation date—which must be the first of a month and cannot be retroactive.
  • Board passes Plan Restatement Adoption Motion.
  • Board completes, signs, submits the Employer Participation Agreement to
  • UUA Retirement Committee email an acknowledgement along with next steps and confirms implementation date.


  • Implementation is to occur following acknowledgement of a valid Employer Participation Agreement by the Retirement Plan Committee and consent regarding date of implementation.