Ministerial Compensation
Ministerial Compensation
Benefits & Compensation for Congregations

Boost your confidence in managing ministerial payroll. We’ll help you understand the special tax provisions that apply to ministers—dual tax status, housing allowance, and voluntary withholding.

Important note: Your minister is an employee. Unless a minister is simply doing guest preaching or occasional consulting, they are to be treated as an employee. Even if they are called a "contract minister," they are an employee. See the second article of our April 2019 Compensation and Staffing News publication and our Employee or Independent Contractor page.

Please refer to our Salary Recommendations for Congregational Staff page for salary guidance, and to UUA Compensation Guidelines regarding recommended benefit levels.

Understanding Ministerial Compensation

  • Video recording (YouTube) and slides (PDF) from Ministerial Compensation: Unraveling the Complexities for Lay Leaders, a March 2017 webinar led by Rev. Richard Nugent and Jan Gartner from the UUA Office of Church Staff Finances.

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