UUA Compensation Program
UUA Compensation Program
Benefits & Compensation for Congregations

Unitarian Universalism is grounded in justice, equity, and compassion for others. Let us guide you in ensuring that your congregation is living these values within your own walls through your employment relationships.

Legal Compliance with Benefit Plan Rules

By offering the UUA's Retirement Plan, Health Plan, and/or Group Insurance Plans, you are accountable to the UUA and to your staff for honoring the rules and requirements of each Plan. Plan provisions comply with IRS and other federal laws and represent our Association’s obligations to Plan providers.

Compensation Standards

Our Compensation Program is undergoing some changes. Phase I of the revisions will be launching in early 2020. Sign up for Compensation and Staffing News to stay informed.


Overall Compensation Guidelines

Compensation and Payroll: Special Topics

  • The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal law that protects employees by establishing standards for a minimum wage, overtime, recordkeeping, and youth employment. Make sure you are in compliance!
  • Employee or Independent Contractor? This is a critical legal distinction, with implications for benefits, taxes, and more. Nearly all workers in our congregations are employees. Our resources will lead you to the appropriate determination for each individual you compensate.
  • Ministerial Compensation is complicated. Learn about special tax provisions for ministers to ensure that you are properly managing ministerial payroll.

Compensation Consultants

Compensation Consultants are Unitarian Universalist Association-trained volunteers available to consult with congregations on compensation, including salaries, benefits, employment agreements, and ministerial tax provisions. Find a Compensation Consultant and learn more about what they do.

Additional Resources

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