UUA Compensation Program
UUA Compensation Program
Benefits & Compensation for Congregations

Unitarian Universalism is grounded in justice, equity, and compassion for others. Make sure that your congregation is living these values within your own walls through your employment relationships. This page contains information about the UUA Compensation Standards, special compensation-related topics, our trained Compensation Consultants, and additional resources.

UUA Compensation Standards

Learn about the three components of the UUA Compensation Standards: 1) legal requirements for pay and benefits administration, 2) salary recommendations, and 3) benefit recommendations.

Compensation and Payroll: Special Topics

Employee or Independent Contractor? This is a critical legal distinction, with implications for benefits, taxes, and more. Nearly all workers in our congregations are employees. See our Employee or Independent Contractor? LeaderLab article and make the appropriate determination for paid workers in your congregation.

Exempt or Nonexempt? The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal law that protects employees by establishing standards for a minimum wage, overtime, recordkeeping, and youth employment. Our Exempt or Nonexempt? LeaderLab article will help you properly classify your employees.

Ministerial Compensation: Are you properly managing ministerial payroll? Read this Ministerial Compensation 101 LeaderLab article to learn about special tax provisions for ministers. Additional resources are available on our Ministerial Compensation page.

Professional Expenses: Items considered usual business expenses are not included in compensation and are not reported for income tax purposes. Learn about allowable expenses and accountable reimbursement plans in our Professional Expense Allowances LeaderLab article.

Compensation Consultants

Trained through the UUA Office of Church Staff Finances, Compensation Consultants are regionally based volunteers who consult with congregations on compensation, including salaries, benefits, employment agreements, and ministerial tax provisions. Find a Compensation Consultant and learn more about what they do.

Additional Resources

About the Authors

  • Jan is passionate about helping congregations live out their values within their walls! Her work is inspired by the mission of the UUA Office of Church Staff Finances: Guided by the values of our faith, we equip congregations for excellence as employers and their staff for financial competence and...
  • Serving as OCSF Director since 2008, Richard previously served 11 years in parish ministry. Before ministry, Richard worked 22 years as a congressional staffer, health policy/disability advocate, and political consultant and 2 years as administrator for a health policy project in Jakarta, Indonesia.

For more information contact comp@uua.org.

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