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Open Enrollment for the UUA Health Plan

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Open Enrollment for the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Heath Plan for all eligible staff takes place during the month of November. Eligible staff may join the plan effective January 1, even if they have not taken advantage of past enrollment opportunities.

For currently participating employees of Subscribing Employers or for Subscribing Individuals, there is nothing to do to continue coverage for 2020. The coverage for current participants will be carried over and billed at the 2020 rates.  All Plan Participants are free to change plans (from High Deductible to Standard PPO, or to switch out of the Standard PPO to any of our High deductible plans) by using this change form 

2020 Highlights:  UUA Health Plan


For 2020, we are raising base rates by 5%. Members currently in the Plan will see a small age adjustment, around 2½%; a little lower for younger members; a little higher for older members. We have kept all out-of-pocket amounts the same for 2020.

We will begin offering IVF coverage. After expanding coverage to include intrauterine insemination (IUI) and related procedures in 2019, beginning January 1, 2020, we will begin covering IVF procedures for all members who have been in the Plan for a least a year as of Dec 31, 2019, and those who reach the twelve month participation mark in 2020.

Telemedicine will be expanded to include mental health consults.

Routine Eye Exams will now be covered as preventive care at no cost to high deductible plan members.

Many participating pharmacies will have new contracts to provide immunizations onsite.

Prescription Drug Plans will include additional review of clinical significance, over-the-counter availability, and all new-to-market drugs. Current members will have a 90-day window for discussions with their physicians.

Davis Vision coverage for lenses and frames is being discontinued due to significant processing issues.


With the small increase in the 2020 rates, our total rate increase over the last three years has been only 1½%, far below the market trend of about 15% over the same period.

In addition to rate stability, we will always be committed to offering health insurance plans firmly rooted in UU values.

If your congregation does not currently participate in the UUA Health Plan, we hope that they will use the 2020 Open Enrollment period – the entire month of November – to reevaluate their health insurance options and choose the plan committed both to stability and UU values. 

THINGS YOU NEED TO DO NOW - Congregations:

  • Review all of the plans, from the “Gold” level Standard PPO, to the “Silver” level high-deductible plans that we have offered from Plan inception, to the “Bronze” level high-deductible plan that we first offered in 2014.  In conversation with your staff, decide how you want to provide health insurance next year.
  • Take a careful look at how you fund health insurance for your staff and how that translates into affordability for your employees.  UUA Fair Compensation guidelines continue to recommend that congregations contribute 80% of the cost of individual coverage and 50% of the incremental cost of family coverage.  Consider how your congregation will structure contributions and whether it would make sense to base contributions on a “Silver” plan.  At the same time, consider what effect that could have on your existing staff and what effect it might have on recruiting future staff.
  • If your congregation participates in the UUA Health Plan, review your personnel files, and make sure you have a record of a health plan election or rejection for every eligible employee (everyone projected to work at least 750 hours.)
  • Tell your employees to carefully review the 2020 UUA Health Plans, and decide whether to keep their current plan, change plans, or enroll for the first time. If they think that their family income may qualify them for a subsidized plan through the Affordable Care Act (either state-sponsored or the Federal Exchange on, they should follow-up on the Exchange website.

  • Review all of the plans, from the “Gold” level Standard PPO, to the “Silver” level high-deductible plans that we have offered from Plan inception, to the “Bronze” level high-deductible plan that we first offered in 2014. 
  • Remember that you also have the option to add dependents who were not previously covered.
  • If you decide to change plans or enroll for the first time, use the appropriate online application below by December 3
  • Enrollment Application
  • Dependent Enrollment Application
  • Rate Calculator
  • Change Form to move to a different plan
  • 2020 Standard PPO Benefits Grid (pdf)
  • 2020 HDHP with HSA Benefits Grid (pdf)
  • 2020 HDHP without HSA Benefits Grid (pdf)
  • 2020 HDHP with HSA BRONZE Benefits Grid (pdf)