Enrollment Instructions for Dental Insurance

Open Enrollment-Dental

Guardian is the UU GIP dental plan provider . If you are already enrolled, please inform your dentist's office of the change at your next appointment.

If you have missed an enrollment opportunity or would like to add dependents without a qualifying event, open enrollment for Guardian dental coverage is held each year in November. Coverage is effective on January 1 of the following year.

Enrollment Timeframe: New Hires

There is no waiting period before an eligible employee may apply to enroll. Newly hired/newly eligible employees must enroll within 60 calendar days of their date of hire/eligibility. See information below if an employee has a Qualifying Event. Coverage is effective on the day after the form is received per our contract with the insurer.

Enrollment Procedures

Applicants must complete a Dental Enrollment Form (PDF) and return it via fax or U.S. mail. Fax: (617) 948-6487. Standard email is not a secure method for transmitting personal information, social security numbers and the like. To email forms, first email InsurancePlans@uua.org to request a secure email link.

TEXAS RESIDENTS PLEASE NOTE: Texas residents must use the enrollment form (PDF) as Texas law prohibits Dental PPO plans. Texas residents will be enrolled in the Guardian Network Access Dental Plan (PDF). The premiums and most benefits are the same. There is no additional incentive paid for choosing an in-network dentist in the payment schedule (PDF) or for the Annual Maximum Rollover (PDF).

Effective Date: New Hires

The effective date of coverage is the day after the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Office of Church Staff Finances receives the properly completed enrollment form (via fax, secure email or mail). The Insurance Plans Coordinator sends a confirmation email to the employee in order to indicate the effective date of coverage and how to connect with their dental benefits.

Qualifying Event

Within 30 days of a Qualifying Event an employee must contact the Insurance Plans Coordinator by email, insuranceplans@uua.org, in order to apply for dental coverage due to the qualifying event. The employee must provide proof of the prior dental coverage or qualifying event. The following is a sample list of qualifying events:

  • Marriage
  • Birth, adoption or placement of a dependent child
  • Termination or change of spouse’s employment
  • Divorce, legal separation or annulment
  • Death of a spouse

Dental Enrollment Form